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June 2015

Our Andalusian stallion, Facinante, really likes his feeder. After I put it in his stall, he doesn't want to eat hay off the floor. The other day, I put some loose hay on top of the feeder and he threw it on the floor so he could eat from the feeder. I take his feeder out during the night. He gets upset when I do this. He is very funny and loves his feeder.

Viviana, FL

November 10, 2014
We started using the Savvy Feeder about 3 months ago. We put the feeder in with our 3 year old western pleasure gelding Beiber. "Beibs" has had many health issues. He hates to be in a box stall and has ulcers from stressing when he had to be stalled at shows and when in training. We put "Beibs" in a turn out pen with the feeder and he LOVES it! The feeder not only regulates the amount of hay that he consumes, it also extends his foraging time (which is great for his ulcers). The feeder has also become a play toy as we have seen him toss and kick the feeder. Not once has he hurt himself! This feeder has worked WONDERS on our  young gelding to keep him busy and content! We are pleased to see how HAPPY he is come in at night to his Savvy Feeder! We love our Savvy Feeder and highly recommend it for any horse!
Josh & Robin Langan
Belcourt, ND

I just wanted you to know I love the Savvy Feeder! I took it home and stuck it out for one of my big geldings that kicks and is grumpy when he doesnt have something to do all of the time. He went right up to eat and started munching away and was still eating when I came back to feed later. I am ready to get more in the store!

Whitney, D & L Farm Store, Denton, TX

January 10, 2015

I can vouch  for the durability and safety. My 2 year old put this feeder through the wringer when he was introduced to it at his first futurity show. He  pawed at it a lot at first because he was curious and he is a playful gelding, and maybe somewhat frustrated at the fact that his hay was restricted. I kept an eye on him and gave him some free choice hay beside the feeder. Within an hour or two, he figured it out and was completely content. He never got his foot stuck in the feeder, was never injured, and never broke the feeder.

Cristen Lynn Thomas, DVM

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December 2016

The feeder arrived a couple days ago and is working out great. I can't remember if it's a factory second but if it is, I can't tell. It looks great! And my horses have it figured out. I think it's easier for them to use, and it's much easier for me to load. I'll be selling my other slow feeder and buying another Savvy feeder from you. One thing I didn't read it about in your description, that I noticed right away - the Savvy feeder isn't very deep which I think encourages horses to stick with it and eat all the hay. The other feeder I'd bought (which I'll be selling) is a barrel-style that is quite deep. And I never found it empty, I think because it's too deep for my horses to feel comfortable repeatedly sticking their head down into it. My horses aren't spooky or head-shy, have been sacked out with flags, tarps, ropes, etc, and are used to eating out of slow feeders. But they just never were too keen on sticking their heads down into that deep barrel time & again. So there was always a considerable amount of hay left behind.
Anywho, all that rambling is to say that it might be worth mentioning on your site that this feeder could be ideal for more sensitive, alert horses, or even aged or convalescing horses due to the convenient depth. Just a thought. 
Well you'll be getting another order from me in the new year as soon as I sell that other feeder. Thanks for all your help! I've been recommending your product to my horse friends. I'm very happy with it! Merry Christmas and happy new year! Take care, Tanya    

April, 2015

I thought it was time that we update you on our horse and his use of the Savvy Feeder. Over the winter, we switched him from using hay racks to hay bags & nets. We thought that if he used those, he might figure out how to use the Savvy Feeder. This week we have taken the feeder up to his barren pasture and he has enjoyed using it everyday!!! We don't even need to pull the hay through the holes. Here's a photo of our 'meals on wheels' method to bring the feeder and water to the pasture.

Harold Clark

January 6, 2015
I have a  high spirited Arabian  paint cross  named Storm. He is a horse who constantly needs watching because  he loses weight easily and loses interest  in food after a short period of time, as well. We used to have to take Storm out twice per day and sit with him until he would eat a set amount of a mix of grain and alfalfa, which took him a good 2 hours to eat. Now that I have a Savvy Feeder, Storm eats a normal amount of hay all on his own and will all but lick the bottom clean. We now call that particular feeder, "Storm's feeder."  That feeder is now the only feeder that Storm will eat out of. We use 3 different feeders and if I don't put hay in Storm's feeder, he will just stand in a corner by himself while the rest of the horses are eating. The Savvy Feeder is an excellent choice for any horse.
                                                                    Kalli, DeAnn & Shayla & Storm         Casselton, ND                                                                 

December 2016

I ordered my first feeder for my mare who was showing signs of ulcers and needed a slow feeder to keep her tummy happy.  She learned very quickly how to use this, and I love how easy (and secure) it is to load with new hay.  I love it!  This is my second one as I'm moving my other mare into the area and want them both to have their own feeder so it's available to both horses at all times. Great product! Tara A.

April 2015

Hello Julie! I ordered from you a few months ago and am loving my Savvy Feeder! Just wanted to let you know.

Paige, Fargo, ND

November 19, 2014
I have a wonderfully energetic Anglo-Arabian dressage gelding that is very accident prone and a busybody with his stall neighbors. Before the Savvy Feeder, we gave him extra hay in his stall to keep him entertained so he wouldn't chew the stall or pin his ears at neighboring horses. Inevitably, he ended up gaining weight.
With the introduction of the Savvy Feeder two months ago, the chewing on the stall walls has lessened, he gets along better with his stall neighbors, and his weight is normalizing because he's being fed the appropriate amount of hay.
I was elated to discover that he loved this safe and natural slow feeding system, because his active mind would invent things to entertain himself that often led to injuries in the stall. Now he's content, properly fed, and tucked in his stall at night with plenty of entertainment that won't jeopardize his safety. Thank you Savvy Feeder!
Michelle & Brandenburg
Fargo, ND

Savvy feeder

the versatile slow hay feeder for horses

November 2016

I love my Savvy Feeder.  It's tough, safe, and the grate won't wear down the teeth of my horses.  It allows my horses to feed in a head down position without wasting hay.  The plastic is high quality and has survived the extreme temperatures of -10F to 100+F outside in the sun without degradation.  The website is user friendly with great on-line support.  Great company, and great product.
 Lynn, Idaho