Step 3

  • Slide the bottom plate closed
  • Ensure that hay is not blocking the bottom plate from sliding into  the closed position
  • ‚ÄčEnsure the feeder is securely shut so your horse does not slide the bottom plate out and hurt himself or damage the feeder.

                                                            Step 4

  • Turn the Savvy FeederTM  right side up
  • Pull hay up through the grate openings to teach your horse how to pull the hay up and out of the feeder (instead of pushing down on the grate).
  • During the first week of use:
    • place free choice hay next to and/or on top of the feeder to calmly acclimate your horse to restricted foraging.
    • Continue to pull hay up through the grate openings until your horse learns how to do this on his own.

This seems like a given, however, some horses can become impatient and frustrated, then refuse to eat from the feeder. They might be pushing down on the grate and not able to pull hay up through the grate opening, because it will compact the hay. This happens frequently with horses that are accustomed to eating out of a hay net (where they push in to access the hay). Hang in there and they will get it usually within a day or 2.

The high-tech poly slow hay feeder for horses that's safe for the stall, paddock, dry lot, trailer, hitching post hay feeder


                                        How to load the Savvy Feeder(R) with hay

Savvy feeder

the versatile slow hay feeder for horses

Step 1

  • Turn the Savvy Feeder(R) upside down
  • Pull down on the spring latch while sliding the bottom plate out

*If your horse is anxious or is frustrated and is pawing at the feeder,  continue to have plenty of free choice hay and continue to pull hay up through the grate openings.  Supervise closely until the horse is calm or take the feeder away from the horse and try to acclimate the feeder another day under supervision.

Step 2

  • Place hay inside feeder (Grass hay flakes upright / Alfalfa mix flakes flat)
  • Ensure that the hay is loose, not compacted, & separates easily so that the horse can pull the hay up through the grate openings


Do not place the Savvy Feeder in an area with more than 2 horses per feeder, as they may fight over the hay & feeder. This may lead to possible injury.

Ensure hay in the feeder is not constricted, is free of debris, mold, & thistle. This may avoid frustration, pawing the feeder, refusing to forage, and possible injury.

Check screws & acorn nuts on a monthly basis to ensure that they remain tight. If loose, tighten grate screws with a screwdriver. Tighten feeder box acorn nuts with a 3/8" or 10mm wrench and opposing screw with a screwdriver.

Not intended for livestock with horns

The Creative Horse, LLC is not responsible for accidents or injuries caused from failing to follow instructions or heed warnings. If there are any concerns, please contact us at or call 701-793-7289 (SAVY).