The grate floats on top of the hay and goes down as the horse eats. The grate is held in place by heavy duty fabric. This unique process allowed us to apply for a patent through the US Patent and Trade Office. 

  • Reduce the chance of ingesting sand, manure, urine soaked bedding, rocks, parasites - you name it; the Savvy Feeder keeps the hay up off the ground.
  • Allows your horse to forage in a natural head-down position, creating correct jaw alignment & chewing motion, and reduced risk of guttural pouch infection.
  • Creates contentment and calmness when eating; eliminating boredom, nervousness and frustration.
  • Prolongs feeding about 4-10 times as long as eating off the ground, reducing the chance of ulcers.
  • No more seeing costly hay blow away by wind, or getting stomped on by our picky eaters!
  • Spend time riding instead of cleaning up that pile of wasted hay!
  • Reduce the chance of picking up the strangles bacteria, or other viruses by keeping your horse's hay contained.
  • And best of all, it's SAFE! The grate is slightly flexible and is designed to give if a shoe or a foot was to catch. If there is extreme pressure, the grate will pop out of the feeder. We all know that accidents can happen and that no feeder is 'fool-proof' but we sure have done our best to make this the safest hay feeder possible. We use Savvy Feeders with our own herd, 24/7, 365.

  • in the stall
  • at home,
  • at the show
  • on the road
  • while camping 
  • out in the paddock

The feeder is light enough (25 lbs) for anyone to pick up and take along.

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The high-tech poly slow hay feeder for horses that's safe for the stall, paddock, dry lot, trailer, hitching post hay feeder

  • It comes in several colors
  • Metal name plates can be personally engraved
  • It only weighs 25 lbs - it's super easy to take along
  • Incredibly durable - This workhorse of a feeder is made of a strong, slightly flexible high tech poly material that horses just can't destroy - even in the cold winters of North Dakota! (Video of the feeder vs the Bobcat soon to be released)
  • The grate is made out of the same safe, slightly flexible poly material  - no chipped teeth here!

Take your

Savvy Feeder with you

to the trail ride, competition, or just

keep it at home in the stall. 

Savvy feeder

the versatile slow hay feeder for horses

The feeder measures:

24" square at the bottom

20" square at the top

18" tall.

30 day 100%  guarantee

How much does it hold?

Up 18 lbs of grass hay or up to 23 lbs of thick hay such as alfalfa.

Your horse doesn't need that much per feeding? No worries - just put in the amount of hay that your horse needs. It works just as well with 10 lbs of hay.

Your horse will enjoy their  forage 4 to 10 times longer than if thrown on the ground/floor.